Our Legacy

Our founder NC John was a visionary. He built a business in floor coverings made from eco-friendly materials namely, Coir, Jute and Sisal. Later the company NC John & Sons Pvt Ltd was established in 1943 and is now managed by 3rd and 4th generation entrepreneurs. NC John diversified into apparel in 1992. We are now an established manufacturer and exporter of sustainable apparel and natural floor coverings shipping to over 35 countries. We are based in Tirupur, the knitwear capital of India.

Our Mission

We are focused on our path to become a 100% sustainable garment manufacturer and exporter. At NC John, we believe that anything we do, should be "in harmony with nature." 

We will strive to reduce our impact on the environment through sustainable, certified and global manufacturing practices. We  continuously innovate to bring out products which are durable, trendy and eco-friendly. We actively seek to improve our culture of adaptation, collaboration and team work.

Our Approach

Our thought process "in harmony with nature" makes us question our sustainable approach.

  • Is the product eco-friendly and sustainable?

  • Is the process involved in making the product earth friendly and carbon neutral?

  • How can we make the product and process in an energy efficient, clean and green method?

  • Can we recycle, reuse or upcycle the products we make?

  • Is our product and process transparent and traceable?

  • What can we do better to improve our sustainable practices?

  • How can we make a difference to our society and our environment?


Why NC John?

  • Reliability-We have been in business for over 75 years in the field of export and manufacturing.

  • System orientation and adaptability of our company to transform itself with the various changes ensuring that the business passed down through                            3 generations.

  • We use 100% clean and green energy to produce our sustainable products through investments in renewable energy sources of wind and solar.

  • We use GOTS certified and natural dyes for our processing and follow  "ZERO" discharge norms ensuring we are earth-friendly.

  • A majority of our workers are women. We are "WRAP" platinum certified ensuring fair wages, good working conditions and meeting global manufacturing compliance.

  • Our passion for sustainability, our approach to balance profitability and growth, and a continuous thought process on how we can make products which will reduce the carbon footprint and make a difference to our society and the environment.

  • Our Team:  We do what we say. We work transparently and ensure that we are resourceful, collaborative and communicative, even when things do not go as per our plan.This is our assurance to our customers.

Lone Walk

Our Sustainable Journey


CSR Initiatives

NC John has been in the forefront when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibilities. Our initiatives include supporting a greener environment through planting of trees, contributions to our society during calamities like the Kerala floods and Covid-19 pandemic. We have been closely working with voluntary organizations helping the needy and supporting the immediate needs of the government during these difficult times. We are committed to the environment covering all areas of our operations.

Our Six Guiding Principles


Our Market Presence

We have clients across USA, Australia, UK, France, Italy, UAE, Poland and more.To us, it's not just about quality or customer expectations, it's about going that extra mile. Our greatest reward is your trust and happiness.